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It's hard to count how many topics french history brought on my reading table. Charlemagne conquests and Saxon Wars, the magnificence of Louis XIV and grotesque silhouette of Louis XVI, the trepidatious glory of the Revolution, depicted in Jacques-Louis David paintings and of course mind-blowing reflections of Michele Foucault in his Madness & Civilization which is definitely a handbook for modern culture understanding.

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The Cultural part of the website consists mostly of event and festival announcements, French artists and book authors tour schedules but also contains media reviews, exclusive artist's interviews, grants information and even a special kid's section.

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Website cover's all major activities of The Cultural Department, including Art & Design and Performing Arts, where you can find exclusive editorial content like interviews, reviews and recommendations. If you want to stay up to date for upcoming french-related cultural events in your town that's a place to go as well.

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The educational part consists of French schools listings/maps in the US (bilingual, duo-lingual, etc), related teaching resources, programs for alumni and teacher assistants (both in the US and France) and useful resources for parents.

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Almost half of website's audience experiencing it from their phones now, so one of the goals was to make all templates responsive and mobile-friendly. 

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I used 1280px 12-column grid with 8px baseline. 

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I used Austin by Commercial Type and chose Larsseit from Type Dynamics as a secondary typeface. 

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